Cusco Cultural Guides

“Gary Sanchez was fantastic! All of us felt that Gary made the trip. He has an ideal personality for the task. His insight and passion about the local culture brought the Inca history to life for us all. I would love to have recorded his commentary.”
--Igor Best-Devereux, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“Probably one of the best trips we have ever taken. Marco, our guide, made the trip! We cannot say enough positive things.”
--Don & Diana Dettmering, Mt. Salcantay and Inca Trail Trek.

“We will never forget Marco Palomino’s passion for his culture and his country – a very special person and guide.”
--Carolyn and Bill Schwartz, Mt. Salcantay & Inca Trail Trek

“Marco was not only knowledgeable and charismatic, but he was extremely responsible. Marco went more than 110%, answering lots and lots of questions and going to extra places for our enjoyment. Most of all I felt safe with Marco.”
--Keren McCarthy, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“Gary taught me a lot about Incan religion and he was a nice guy.”
--Jim Best-Devereux, Age 10, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“Marco got us involved in the “spirit” of the Inca legends, religion and culture and everyone enjoyed it.”
--Bob Guthrie, Mt. Salcantay and Inca Trail Trek.

“Gary was very passionate about the history and religious culture of the Incan civilization. He made the trip very interesting for me.”
--Grace Best-Devereux, Age 13, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“Our trip was not just a typical “tour” but a cultural experience thanks to our knowledgeable and intuitive guide, Marco.”
--Bob and Beth Faucett, Mt. Salcantay and Inca Trail Trek.

“Marco was outstanding! He was more than just a guide.”
--Hans Oberlohr, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“Gary simply made the trip for everyone with his wealth of knowledge and his passion for his culture. He was very responsible and took take care of everyone’s needs.”
--Cynthia Conner, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“Marco was so passionate about everything he was explaining. He made sure everybody was satisfied, which is not always easy with a diverse group of people. We asked him so many questions and he answered them all! Marco was definitely amazing and lots of fun.”
--Jennifer Oberlohr, Classic Inca Trail Trek

Climbing & Trekking Guides

“Brad could not have been more helpful & involved, from the time he picked me up at the airport to the end of the trip, when he took us out to dinner. He was always available to us in Huaraz, both in person or with helpful information. One couldn’t ask more from a managing director or trip leader.”
--Andy Jalakas, Cordillera Huayhuash Trek

“Christian was awesome. When I roped up with Christian I had more confidence and my mind was more at ease, which in turn allowed me to enjoy the climb rather fret about it.”
--Gordon Larson M.D. Pisco and Chopicalqui Climbs

“Koky and Cesar are excellent guides and terrific human beings as well. It was a real pleasure to climb with them and get to know both of them.”
--Tom Jessor, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs and Ausangate Trek & Climb.

“Brad is a top notch trip leader. He has terrific knowledge of the local mountains and customs of Peru. We especially appreciate his care of the environment and attention to minimizing impact.”
--Blake and Carol Storie, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“I was happy that Christian was with us on Chopicalqui. I paired up with him on summit day and he had a very safe guiding style and added a positive dynamic, never any pressure. He is a good, safe climber and his English is perfect.”
--Deno Hewson, Pisco and Chopicalqui Climbs

“We can’t say enough about Koki and Cesar. Both were well skilled, strong climbers, and very personable.”
--Blake and Carol Storie, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“Brad is an amazing expedition leader. His ability to organize and adapt as the need arose was astounding to me. I soon realized that Brad’s insistence on a number of things, while in camp and while climbing, was to hold the entire group to his high standards for both the environment and our safety while climbing.”
--Gary Vittoz, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“Koky and Cesar can’t possibly be matched for their expertise and energy and willingness to share their knowledge, both in climbing skills and details to their country. I learned an enormous amount from Koky. The depth and breadth of his technical knowledge was awesome. I also love being continually surprised by Cesar’s energy and nearly daily flash of some heretofore unknown skill.”
--Gary Vittoz, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“Koky and Cesar were as good as they get. They both, at different times, went well beyond the call of duty. For Cesar to get 81 year old Dick Jessor up and down Ishinca was amazing!”
--Jim Whipperman, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“Brad you did a great job! And I really appreciated the direct approach you employed to encourage a higher level of performance, and awareness, from the whole group.”
--Jim Whipperman, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“Koky and Cesar had excellent climbing and communication skills. I found the instruction we received pre-climbs was very helpful and I definitely learned new skills for steep snow and ice. I truly appreciated how they worked with team members with various skill levels and led us safely up and down steep snow and varying terrain.”
--Linda Wetzel, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“Brad Johnson is the magician of expedition travel! How he can provide such a well-organized, safe, and interesting trip – with unbelievably delicious food at high altitude, too – remains a mystery to me. I would happily subject myself to his magic tricks in any part of the world, and I know I would have a superb and successful experience.”
--Tom Jessor, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“These mountain guides (Koky & Cesar) were outstanding!! Great knowledge and great to be around. Their climbing expertise impressive.”
--Garry Porter, Ausangate Trek & Climb, Two time Peaks & Places Traveler

“This trip was spectacular – literally and figuratively. The Cordillera Blanca range is just gorgeous, the climbing outstanding, the expedition smoothly organized. Brad Johnson is an excellent leader.”
--Richard (Dick) Jessor, Age 81, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

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