Testimonials for Staff

Inca Trail Lunch“It was a terrific surprise to find out how good meals can be on a trek. Maurio is incredible!”
--Jan Lepard, 2006 MT. Salcantay and Inca Trail Trek.

“This was the first trek I have taken where I gained weight. Mario is an excellent cook!”
--Bob and Beth Faucett, MT. Salcantay and Inca Trail Trek.

“Bernardo’s cooking was unbelievable! I have been on other commercial trips and did not eat half as well.”
--Jim Whipperman, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“Bernardo should be the chef of a fine restaurant. I never had such wonderful meals on any other trip of this kind. Bernardo was a key member of the trip personal. Man, does he know how to bring back an appetite to a weary body, or what?”
--Gary Vittoz, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“Bernardo, Maximo, and all the porters were so enthusiastic and always generously shared in our summit successes with hugs and congratulations.”
--Gary Vittoz, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“The kitchen staff and support staff were fantastic! The meals were better than at home.”
--Linda Wetzel, Ausangate Trek & Climbing Trip. Two-time Peaks & Places traveler.

“The meals prepared by Mario were unbelievable! A lot of food for our group.”
--Marni DeHart, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“Meals were absolutely fabulous on the trek!”
--Kris Nevers, Classic Inca Trail Trek

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