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Classic Inca Trail Trek to Machu Picchu – Testimonials
Culture, History and Moderate Trekking

“This is a trip that will exceed your expectations. It was the most amazing trip of my life, so interesting and fascinating. You cannot imagine how beautiful and amazing the Inca Trail is until you experience this trip yourself.”
--Jennifer Oberlohr, Classic Inca Trail Trek

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Trip Participant Testimonials

“I was completely fascinated by the beauty of this country, nature, culture and the warmth of the people. It was an experience of a lifetime.”
--Hans Oberlohr, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“This trip exceeded al of my expectations! I now have a greater appreciation for the Peruvian people and the Inca history. This was a trip that my children and me will remember with great fondness for the rest of our lives.”
--Cynthia Conner, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“The sites you see on the Inca Trail are worth the effort.”
--Grace Best-Devereux, Age 13, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“I am a 10 year old boy who was amazed by the beautiful scenery and kind porters.”
--Jim Best-Devereux, Age 10, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“I had no idea about the extent of the Inca Empire and their achievements. I learned so much more than I thought would be the case. It was a fascinating experience for our family. This trip brought it all to life for us.”
--Igor Best-Devereux, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“From start to finish, our experiences exceeded our expectations. The entire trip was a process, and the planning allowed us to acclimate and enjoy each day.”
--Rick & Juanita McDough, Classic Inca Trail

“A truly exceptional physical, spiritual and emotional trek”
--Rick & Juanita McDough, Classic Inca Trail

Marco explaining about the ruins of Runcuracay and the Inca Trail“I have to say that the trip was wonderful, but Marco Palomino made the trip unforgettable. He educated us and help to create an amazing pilgrimage to Machu Picchu. The country of Peru is beautiful and the scenery breathtaking, but Marco took our group to another world. I would recommend Peaks & Places for their organization and worry free travel experience.”
--Leah Erickson, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“Marco was absolutely awesome. His knowledge and love for his historical ancestry was impressive along with his ability to communicate this to us. Marco’s sincerity for our well-being and his friendships with the local people in many places were a big plus for our group.”
--Rick & Juanita McDough, Classic Inca Trail

“This was an unbelievable trip! Much better than I expected. Fabulous attentiveness by all involved. It was a life changing trip and will forever be a treasured memory.”
--Staci White, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“The Classic Inca Trail Trek was a life changing experience. Our guide Marco was very well educated on the history, spirituality and the significance of every ruin we encountered. His Passion and love for his country as well as his knowledge to a wonderful trip and made it unforgettable!”
--Leah Erickson, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“Marco was exceptional; he really made the trip. His attentiveness, expertise in the local culture and history combined with his gift of storytelling made our trip a once in a lifetime memory,”
Leah Erikson, Classic Inca Trail Trek

“Marco was beyond excellent as a cultural guide. He succeeded in ensuring an enjoyable experience while giving us an incredible spiritual experience and educating us. This is a trip everyone should do as it is a valuable – once in a lifetime- adventure.”
Back to trip page--Kris Nevers, Classic Inca Trail Trek.

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