Trips 2014

Trek Around Nor Yauyos Reserve, Cordillera Central Mountains
Trip Grading Scale Trip Grade 4
Culture, History and Moderate Trekking

Trip Dates:
August 03 – August 16, 2014 (Guided by Brad Johnson and Cezar Rocca)
5 trekkers signed, space available for 1 more.

Land Cost:
7-9 Trekkers: $2895/person (does not include airfare)
 4-6 Trekkers: $3100/person (does not include airfare)

Single supplement:
• $130.00 for a private room or tent*
*Peaks & Places reserves the right to increase the trip prices due to unforeseen changes in exchange rates between the US dollar and the Peruvian currency (the Sole).

14-Day trip beginning and ending in USA
4 nights lodging, 8 nights full service camping
All meals included except 2 dinners and 2 lunches

Detailed Itinerary
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Trip Description

Peaks & Places Travel is excited to be THE first adventure travel company to organize and offer a trek exploring most of the Cordillera Central Mountains of Peru.

The Cordillera Central Mountains and the Nor Yauyo Reserve that protects these spectacular mountains is a place of unique beauty. This is a pristine group of mountains, valleys, with trout filled lakes and streams, and a centuries old Inca Trail crossing the southern end of the range. There are no other trekkers, no designated campsites like in the Huayhuash or Blanca mountains, no well-traveled trails and trash left behind by other groups. The Cordillera Central is a wild and beautiful range of mountains that takes you back to a feeling of exploring a place no one has been to before.

Although it is only a short 5-hour drive east of Lima, this is a mountain range that has been ignored while the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash mountains have been getting all of the attention. Only climbers have been exploring this range of mountains over the years.

The Cordillera Central Mountains may not be as high as those of the Cordillera Blanca or Huayhuash Mountains, still there are high glaciated peaks. Nevado Pariacaca 18,900ft and Tunshu 18,537ft along with many more glaciated peaks throughout the range, all spectacular in their own right. We will be walking right beneath a number of high glaciated peaks.

Because this range of mountains has been designated as reserve, there is more wildlife than any other mountains range in Peru. During our trek around the Cordillera Central it is not unusual to see groups of 25-35 Vicuña grazing the hillsides and around the high passes. The shy Vicuña, a slender looking version of the Llama, has the softest wool of any of the Llama, Alpaca or Guanaco family. It was prized by the Inca Empire and is still protected today by the Peruvian government. In addition we have seen the rare Andean Deer and often see Puma tracks in the dirt or mud.

Our 8-day trek makes an S shaped hike around the range starting on the east side of the range and ending on the N.W. side of the range. Sometimes we walk on trails that the local mountain people have been using for centuries, other times we are walking cross-country across grassy valleys or hillsides, or we are following animal trails. For two days we walk on a little know Inca Trail that is 500 years old but surprisingly still in great condition, with original stone stairways and supported trails. This trail takes us past the Caves of Cuchimchay, which house ancient Pictographs of animals and people dating as far back as 10,000 years. The last 2 days of the trek we cross three 16,000ft passes and get up close and personal with the glaciers and peaks of the northern end of the range.

Peaks & Places Travel has always prided itself in offering spectacular mountain adventures, taking you on little known trails that provide you with the best views of the great mountain ranges of the world. We try to stay away from the traditional trails all other companies offer.

Now we have developed a new 8-day trekking adventure that will rival the Cordillera Huayhuash!

Your Trip Leaders

Peaks & Places prides itself on providing professional, highly qualified guides on all of our trips. The Cordillera Central trek is usually guided by one of the following guides:

Brad Johnson, founder and managing director of Peaks & Places, has been a trip leader and climbing guide for over 25 years in Peru. He has guided many groups in both the Cordillera Blanca and Cordillera Huayhuash mountains and has great knowledge of both mountains ranges. In addition Brad wrote and self-published the widely popular climbing guide book, titled: Classic Climbs of the Cordillera Blanca, Peru.

Cesar Ramos, is also a native of Peru and was born in a small village on the east side of the Cordillera Blanca mountains. He is fully certified IFMGA mountain guide and speaks fluent Italian, English, Spanish and Quechua. Detailed ItineraryCesar has boundless energy, is a very knowledgeable and professional guide and always has a smile on his face. He is always a favorite among our clients.

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