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Ishinca Valley Climbs with Chopicalqui Climb Add-on – Testimonials
Cordillera Blanca Climbing Tour

“This was my fourth commercial climbing trip to South America. It was by far the best trip I have had. Outstanding guides, unbelievably good food, great organization and beautiful climbing. All in all, a great trip!”
--Garry Porter, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

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“We had a terrific trip. Every aspect was well thought out. We especially enjoyed the variety of peaks climbed all were unique and beautiful in their own way. This kind of adventure leaves us with stories and memories for years to come.”
--Blake and Carol Storie, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“This trip was the best experience of this kind I have ever had. I made stronger old friendships and great new friendships. I also felt I improved my climbing skill a great deal.”
--Gary Vittoz, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“This trip with Peaks & Places to the Cordillera Blanca was far more than I ever expected, especially after going on my first commercial organization to Bolivia the year before, with a different American guide service.”
Jim Whipperman, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“This trip was spectacular – literally and figuratively. The Cordillera Blanca range is just gorgeous, the climbing outstanding, the expedition smoothly organized and Brad Johnson an excellent leader.”
--Richard (Dick) Jessor, Age 81, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“This expedition may end up being my “trip of a lifetime”. Wonderful camaraderie, tremendous guides, cooks, porters and food. The summits were beautiful and the cultural experiences built into the trip were enriching. Peaks & Places has provided me with the most rewarding AND most affordable trip of this kind I have ever taken.”
--Gary Vittoz, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“Koky and Cesar had excellent climbing and communication skills. I found the instruction we received pre-climbs was very helpful and I definitely learned new skills for steep snow and ice. I truly appreciated how they worked with team members with various skill levels and led us safely up and down steep snow and varying terrain.”
--Linda Wetzel, Ishinca Valley & Chopicalqui Climbs

“I have been on trips to South America with other guiding companies, but this trip was above and beyond all expectations. Brad and his crew had every detail covered from the moment we arrived in Lima till we returned. Transportation, lodging, tents, instruction, food, not to mention the climbing were all top notch. If you are planning a trip to the Cordillera Blanca you could not do better!”
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